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Adult Novels
Murder Most Malicious(1).jpeg

An Edwardian mystery

(without weapons or blood)

involving Mr Mancini

an exceptionally agreeable gentleman

and the

brittle-tongued Detective Haynes.

The-Gillyflower-Kindle copy 2.jpg
A Ghost of a Murder(4).jpg

A delicious mixture of mystery, mischief and mayhem, plus a sprinkling of romance.

The Stitching of Sofina.jpg
Miss Rose Bud takes a Holiday(1).jpeg

One spring morning in 1951

Miss Rose Bud, a thirty-year-old spinster, learns she has inherited

a rather large sum of money,

from a father she has never known.

As she has never had a holiday she decides to take one.

A warm and entertaining novella about stepping out and facing unknown perils.

Three women, three timelines,

bound by a handmade doll,

who holds a chilling secret.

Inheriting a Dilemma(3).jpeg

Lucy Finch’s life is on a loveless road

until she inherits half a cottage, in Scotland,
There Lucy falls for Matt,

a gorgeous amateur baker,

but Matt shows more passion

for his leak pies, than Lucy.
Is there any hope for Lucy?

Spring Haze copy 2.jpg

When day-dreamer Isabella falls in love with a cottage she has no idea she is also about to fall for the owner, Trent, the son of an affluent family, both which lead her down a path of heartache.
Can Isabella and Trent fulfill their heart’s desires while still staying true to themselves?

Summer Days(1) copy 2.jpeg

While publishing assistant Jane is happy to accept a temporary job at Foxhall House, she knows it is for one reason only. To put distance between her wounded pride and ruined relationship. She certainly doesn’t expect to meet a pirate, and find herself inexplicably drawn to him.

Nat is the owner of a bookstore and an entrepreneur of characters, who has placed himself on a lonely island, with his grief-stricken memory of what happened to his one true love.

Only acceptance of the past will bring the two together. But can Jane and Nat let go of what they are holding close to their hearts? Are they willing to give love another chance?

Collected Short Stories.jpg

All stories have been published in either anthologies, on the radio, or literary magazines

The stories marked with an ** have either won or been placed in the top three of national short story competitions in New Zealand.

 An absorbing time-slip novel,

where the past interweaves with the present,

seeking justice for a crime

committed centuries ago.

57 Chevy Street copy.jpeg
Can't Catch Me.jpg

When Beatrice loses both her parents in a tragic accident, she has no choice but to go and live with her vindictive mother’s sister. Then Beatrice ‘disappears’.
She is the ‘Have you seen this girl?’ on posters plastered on lampposts.
We cannot change the past, we can only change the future.


An adventure is better with a friend.

When Alice loses her best friend Hannah in a car crash, her world seems to stop until she goes and stays with her Great Auntie Fran, the great kite maker. There she meets Jessie, a shy and lonely horse. Can Alice ever really let Hannah go? And will Jessie ever let her close enough to be her friend?
Figlet and Chutney Final Cover 2 copy.jpeg
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